About Us

A great future for our kids – we believe that is the universal desire of all parents, rich or poor. A dream we hold for our kids to inherit an enriching life filled with meaning and love.

My Fair Baby, a social enterprise, was born out of a vision of seeing families such as ours being active advocates for artisans and their families by actively promoting their products, hence creating a continuous base of customers to support their work and improve their livelihoods.

Our goal is to bring fairtrade and ethically sourced products and handicrafts from developing and third world nations to your doorstep. As you shop, we give. We love sharing our platform and profits. We give all our profits to non-profit organisations we partner with. These amazing organisations manage life transforming projects that bring hope and restore dignity to communities.

We hope to help families find financial independence to help themselves.  Your purchase is making a difference, one family at a time.

My Fair Baby is a proud member of the Fairtrade Association Australia and New Zealand as well as a business member of Moral Fairground.

You can also find us on Good Spender, an online marketplace connecting consumers who want to make a difference with social enterprises that generate a community benefit.

Last July 2014, we reached our first year of making a difference. Click to view our Founder’s thank you note.