My Fair Projects 

My Fair Baby’s key principle is to use business as a vehicle to fund community projects that will make a positive impact. My Fair Baby works closely with our in-country partner Restore India, a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to bringing access to education, employment and healthcare to the poorest and neglected communities in North India.

My Fair Baby selected Restore India as our key focus for donating our profits because we personally know the founders and had firsthand experience seeing the projects in action. We saw how grateful the communities are with Restore India’s help. And are appreciative Restore India did not take the ‘build and leave’ approach. There is genuine interest shown by Restore India to help the communities to break free from poverty and break the generational abject poverty cycle. Restore India is about building ongoing relationships with communities and seeing them flourish.

Project Sahyog – Sewing a Future


In 2013 with the help of generous supporters and our donated profits, we helped establish a sewing enterprise for a slum community in Delhi for Restore India, a charity organisation.  The budding enterprise now employs half a dozen employees to supply school uniforms in India and is still growing.

Project Sahyog has since flourished. Project Sahyog ladies have successfully fulfilled the 100 school uniform orders for an international school.  Whilst this is a great start for Project Sahyog, the challenge is to obtain ongoing momentum of orders commercially to ensure the ladies have an ongoing income. Restore India hopes to repeat the business model in other parts of India to provide more employment opportunities for the slum community particularly among the women.

My Fair Baby will continue to support Project Sahyog by helping to create a market demand for Project Sahyog handmade items.  We are also in discussions on items that can be made by Project Sahyog for My Fair Baby. If you are a school, business or not-for-profit organisation and would be interested to explore items that you’d like made by Project Sahyog, please contact us at


Extract from Restore India’s website:

Meet Rakesh, Project Sahyog’s Project Coordinator. Rakesh used to be a master tailor before he commenced his role as a Project Coordinator in Restore India’s Delhi Centre. These skills have come into exceptions use as he supervises the Sewing Program and provides further training to the graduates as they enter Project Sahyog. Rakesh has a passion for seeing the women put their new skills to use, in a way that helps to generate some income for their families. The video shows him telling of how Project Sahyog has impacted the lives of the women involved.

Translation: “I am Rakesh Kumar and I am the Project Coordinator in the Delhi Sewing Centre. The young girls and ladies who come to the centre to learn sewing. In the beginning, they did not know anything about sewing but after completing the (six months) course, they are able to make clothes for themselves and families – salwar suits (women’s outfit) – and their families are happy. Some even opened a boutique and others who are really skilled got involved in Restore India’s ‘Sahyog’ project where we earlier made candles and chocolates, and now, the new thing that is happening is that we are making (business) shirts. These ladies are now making the shirts, which we package properly for sale.”


Literacy Schools

My Fair Baby believes that education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle. Learning how to read and write will prevent us from being exploited by others.  In a country of over 1.2 billion people, India is teeming with people groups who are considered society outcasts due to their caste, upbringing and religious beliefs.  Many of the children born into these communities are doomed to poverty where they will never experience education like how we know it in the developed nations.

Like it is in many nations, education makes a significant difference to the life opportunities and choices which a person will have in their life. Restore India sees a high value in providing education to children in impoverished situations and currently runs literacy projects in ten communities in four cities across North India. In most of these urban and rural communities, there are no nearby school for the children to go to (or schools which are not properly staffed). Change happens one life at a time, and our investment in these children is a large first step to breaking the poverty cycle.

My Fair Baby is contributing our profits from every sale of our products to help with the ongoing maintenance and needs of literacy schools established in remote villages in North India where Government funding is not available. With 8 literacy schools and over 800 students enrolled and counting, check out what we’re funding for.

Fundraising goals poster

Check out the excitement from the kids in the village who got their very first working laptop we got for them through our donated profits. One of the first things they did was to make their first video of themselves singing in a group.

Extract from Restore India’s website:

One person who has been impacted by our programs is Ved Prakash, a 16-year-old youth from one of our rural communities in Lucknow. He had begun attending our literacy centre that we had started in his village and had expressed a desire to learn how to use a computer. Through a sponsor, we were able to purchase a laptop and Ved Prakash began computer lessons on it. Within five months, he had become proficient enough to start teaching the children in his own village and a neighbouring community. It is a delight to see these children start to call him ‘Sir’ out of respect. Ved Prakash came from a community that is considered untouchable. Learning to use the computer and teaching others to use it has not only given him the exposure to greater knowledge and some useful skills for the future, but it has earned him some respect in his community. Restore India is now aiming to equip more of its literacy centres with laptops so that others can learn to use them. If you would like to help Restore India purchase a computer for the village Computer Education program, please contact us. The translation of the video can be read here.

Literacy School – Video

In 2017, My Fair Baby sponsored two medical healthcare camps for Restore India where healthcare checkups are held in rural and impoverished villages that have no access to modern healthcare. Dr Deepak, Managing Trustee of Restore India found in many living in these communities have weak immune systems due to low haemoglobin levels. Many suffer from anaemia and needed treatment.

Read our blog on why we focussed on healthcare this year.